Angry Birds Coloring Pages

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Angry Birds Coloring Pages for Kids – Free to Print and Color

Unleash the fun with our Angry Birds coloring pages! Perfect for kids who love action and adventure. Featuring the beloved characters from the hit game, these pages offer hours of creative entertainment.

Let your child’s imagination take flight as they color in their favorite Angry Birds, from Red to Bomb and Chuck. With a variety of scenes to choose from, they can create their own exciting stories and designs.

Download our Angry Birds coloring pages now and let the coloring frenzy begin. It’s the ultimate activity for kids who enjoy the thrill of the slingshot and the challenge of those mischievous pigs!

Free Printable Angry Birds Coloring Sheet

Red Coloring Pages

red coloring pages

RED: The angriest of them all. Following the events of the first film, Red is the undisputed hero of Bird Island, a badge of honor he wears proudly. But don’t let the heroic exterior fool you. Red is still different from the other birds and though improved is still lacking some of the basic social skills needed to fully connect with other birds. And true to the form, he masks his discomfort with sarcasm and an aloof attitude.

Bomb Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Bomb Coloring Pages

BOMB: Bomb is a bit of a dim bulb with a big heart. He’s the only bird on the island diagnosed with IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), which causes him to literally explode when surprised or stressed. Because of his unpredictable and explosive power, Bomb is a much more cautious bird than the others, with a slow and ponderous way of speaking.

Stella Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Stella Coloring Pages

STELLA: Stella is eternally optimistic and bright. Thanks to her inquisitive nature, she has become one of the leading experts on Bird Island. Stella makes it her business to learn pretty much everything going on in the bird village, from its history to other birds’ personal lives.

Chuck Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Chuck Coloring Pages

CHUCK: The speedster of Bird Island. Everything about Chuck is fast – He thinks quick, talks quick and moves even quicker. Chuck speaks with a high-pitched voice that lacks a filtering mechanism – so you never know just what will come out. Chuck is impulsive and mercurial, and intent on having friends.

Matilda Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Matilda Coloring Pages

MATILDA: Matilda is the calm, Zen leader of the Infinity Acceptance Group: the anger management class on Bird Island. She is a former angry bird herself, but has since learned the error of her ways and now overcompensates with a serene, hippy-dippy demeanor. But Matilda’s anger is still bottled up deep down inside of her and can potentially break out in moments of extreme stress.

Terence Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Terence Coloring Pages

TERENCE: Terence is a mystery. He is the largest of all the birds and uses his brawn when needed. He communicates only in deep, guttural growls and groans. His brooding presence in the community has everyone a little afraid.

Mighty Eagle Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Coloring Pages

MIGHTY EAGLE: What can be said about Mighty Eagle that hasn’t already been said about Mighty Eagle? In the minds of Bird Island’s youth, he is a legend of mythic proportions. Back in the real world, Mighty Eagle is fifty pounds overweight and seemingly senile. However, he hasn’t noticed (or doesn’t seem to care) and is delighted to share his endless, rambling anecdotes about the glory days with anyone willing to listen.