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Oct 15, 2020

Printable Yosemite Sam Coloring Pages

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printable yosemite sam coloring pages


(Online coloring is not recommended for detailed images and fine lines.)

Printable Yosemite Sam Coloring Pages

Yosemite Sam is a Looney Tunes character. He was created because Elmer Fudd was considered very soft and Friz Freleng needed a tougher figure to face Bugs Bunny. Yosemite Sam made his debut in “Hare Trigger”. However, Sam bears a resemblance to a cowboy character in “Buckaroo Bugs”, which would be seen as a prototype. Michael Maltese claims that he made Yosemite in the likeness of director Friz Freleng.

yosemite sam

Yosemite Sam Coloring Pages

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