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Jun 9, 2020

Free Printable Eiffel Tower Pdf Vector Outline

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free printable eiffel tower pdf outline

Free Printable Eiffel Tower Pdf Vector Outline

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in ParisFrance. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. Constructed from 1887 to 1889 as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair, it was initially criticised by some of France’s leading artists and intellectuals for its design, but it has become a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognisable structures in the world.

(Online coloring is not recommended for detailed images and fine lines.)

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  • I don’t know how to print this.

    Rachel Wald 21/11/2020 16:47 Reply
    • You have to press this button (bottom). After that, you can print from the pdf page that opens.

      coloringoo 21/11/2020 17:02 Reply

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