Our 5 Senses Pdf Worksheet

printable our 5 senses pdf worksheetprintable our 5 senses pdf worksheet


Answer Key

Our 5 Senses Pdf Worksheet

The sensory system is the way animals find out about their nearby environment and their bodies. To do this they have special devices for collecting data called sense organs. The sense organs act as transducers: they turn energy from the outside or inside of the body into nerve signals. The signals are then very rapidly processed by the brain. The whole arrangement is the sensory system.

It is usual to say the sensory system has five senses:

  1. Hearing is the sense of sound. Ears hear sounds.
  2. Sight is the sense of seeing. Eyes see.
  3. Touch is the sense of feeling. Sense organs feel.
  4. Taste is the sense of the flavor. Tongues taste.
  5. Smell is the sense of scent or odor. Noses smell.

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