Barbie Princess Adventure Coloring Pages 09

barbie princess adventure coloring pages 09barbie princess adventure coloring pages 09

Barbie Princess Adventure Coloring Pages 09

In the story “Barbie Princess Adventure” in Malibu, Barbie and her friend Daisy film a music video for their song “Try It On”. Barbie wears a wavy blonde wig in the video, and posts it online so the song can inspire people. She also submits it to Rose Ross, who is the biggest aggregator of online content in the world. In Floravia, Princess Amelia sees the video and notices that Barbie looks identical to her while wearing the wig. Amelia’s royal adviser, Alfonso, tells her that she is not ready to make her own decisions, and that he will decide everything until she is.

(Online coloring is not recommended for detailed images and fine lines.)

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