poppy playing ukulele coloring pagepoppy playing ukulele coloring page


Poppy Playing Ukulele Coloring Page

Free Printable Poppy Playing Ukulele Coloring Page. You can download or print “Trolls Coloring Pages” for free at ColorinGoo.Com.

Poppy has a light pink skin complexion with rosy cheeks and glitter freckles. Her hair color is a darker pink, and sticks up in the air naturally. Her nose is the same color, and so are her eyes and eyebrows. Her ears curve up slightly, and like the other Trolls, she has four fingers on each hand and four toes on each of her bare feet. Her main outfit is a blue dress held together by a white stitch on the shoulder, with a light blue wavy spade design. She has a green headband with blue flowers, and she wears a purple and blue hug-time bracelet that opens up into a pink flower when it’s hug time.

Poppy Playing Ukulele
Poppy Playing Ukulele

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