Apr 13, 2022

Star Wars Galactic Pals Coloring Pages

Star Wars Galactic Pals Coloring Pages

Today, Lucasfilm announced Star Wars Galactic Pals, a brand-new series of animated micro-shorts, with the first two episodes available now on StarWarsKids.com. A spinoff of the adventures of the droid SF-R3 (“Aree”) in Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, Galactic Pals joins M1-RE (“Miree”), another member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts, as she looks after and studies ornery Ortolans, fussy Hutts, scavenging Jawas, and more creatures and aliens aboard the Youngling Care Space Station.

cam e ewok gamorrean gungan huttlet jawa loth cat miree huttlet ortolan porg rancor rodian tauntaun wookiee

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