Mar 18, 2020

Printable Palace Pets Booksy PDF Coloring Pages

printable palace pets booksy pdf coloring pages

Printable Palace Pets Booksy PDF Coloring Pages

Booksy is Belle’s new lop bunny. Belle met Booksy at the fair, when Her father couldn’t get his Invention going, luckily, Booksy helped. Booksy is a pale pink lop-ear bunny with magenta inner-ear to match her nose, puffed bangs, and tail. The heart paw pads of her paws are pale yellow, and she has vibrant green eyes. Her magenta paw-print marking is on her hip. She wears a gold crown with pink cotton on top, along with a white pearl necklace with a ruby gem, gold cat-eye glasses with a matching cotton at each corner, and a large yellow bow.

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