Jan 5, 2021

Printable Candylicious LOL OMG Coloring Page

printable candylicious lol omg coloring page


Printable Candylicious LOL OMG Coloring Page

Candylicious is an OMG doll whose younger sisters are Bon Bon and Lil Bon Bon. She also has a bunny, a dog, a hamster and a cat. Her design is similar to Nicki Minaj Her earrings are references to Num Noms, another MGA Entertainment toy line. Candylicious is the only OMG doll with “licious” in their name to not have their sister’s name as part of hers. (e.g. Neonlicious = Neon Q.T., Snowlicious = Snow Angel, Honeylicious = Honey Bun) A bon bon however is a type of candy, so her name is similar enough.

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