MLP Hitch Trailblazer Coloring Pages

mlp hitch trailblazer coloring pagesmlp hitch trailblazer coloring pages

MLP Hitch Trailblazer Coloring Pages

Free Printable MLP Hitch Trailblazer Coloring Pages. You can download or print “MLP Coloring Pages” for free at ColorinGoo.Com.

Hitch follows Sunny and Izzy to the Pegasus city of Zephyr Heights, where he infiltrates a royal celebration while disguised as a Pegasus in order to capture Sunny, almost preventing them from claiming the Pegasus Crystal along the way. In the process, however, he becomes an unwitting participant in Sunny’s quest to bring magic back to Equestria. Though he initially helps out just to make sure Sunny faces the consequences of her actions, he later comes to view Izzy as well as the royal Pegasus sisters Zipp Storm and Pipp Petals as friends.

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