LOL Surprise Hairgoals Pdf Coloring Pages

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Pdf Coloring PagesLOL Surprise Hairgoals Pdf Coloring Pages

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Pdf Coloring Pages

Series Information: It’s time for the big reveal, because L.O.L. Surprise! got a fabulous makeover – REAL Hair or Glitter Hair! From new surprises to new looks to totally new ways to unbox, the Makeover Series is all about transformation. Collect all 12 characters and strut serious style with L.O.L. Surprise!

You can find here 12 free printable coloring pages of LOL Surprise Hairgoals series dolls for kids and their parents. Hairgoals is a series from LOL Surprise, where dolls have real hair. Each of the 12 dolls in this collection comes packaged up in a pretend can of hairspray, and you’ve got to comb through 15 surprises. Each set contains loads of cool accessories to collect including a magic mirror, a secret message, hair stickers, hair curlers, a comb, a bottle, a fashion accessory as well as an outfit, mystery disguise and shoes.

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The Glitterati

Glamour Queen Coloring Page

Free Printable LOL Surprise Glamour Queen Coloring Pages
Glamour Queen is a rare big sister from The Glitterati. Glamour Queen is a sparkly girl who loves glitter. She loves spreading glitter all over the place, and singing opera. Glamour Queen has wavy blond hair. She has peach skin. She has brown eyes, and pink lipstick. She has a magenta, ruffly, leotard, a white necklace, and a big bow on the back of her leotard. She has magenta sandals with pom poms.

Shimone Queen Coloring Page

Free Printable LOL Surprise Shimone Queen Coloring Pages

Shimone Queen is a rare big sister and is from the Glitterati. Appearance: She has Black Sparkly short hair, she is wearing aviators glasses, she is also wearing a black and red liatard, she is wearing black shoes with gold socks and bows, she is also wearing on white glove on her left hand.

Opposites Club

Yang Q.T Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Yang Q.T. Coloring Page

Yang Q.T. is the opposite of Yin B.B., she is a popular big sister and is from the Opposites Club. Yang Q.T. Has black and white hair in two adorable pigtails, she has brown skin and eyes, she has a Yang on her left arm and is wearing a black and mostly white dress with holes and a black ribbon in the middle,she is also wearing lace tights and black ballet flats.

Glam Club

Her Majesty Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Her Majesty Coloring Page

Her Majesty is a fancy big sister and is from The Glam Club. She has a lil sister named Her Lil Majesty and a pet named Neigh Majesty. She has long black hair in a high ponytail with a large gold crown,and she brown eyes with gold eyeshadow and is wearing a gold, tan, blue, and white princess gown, she is also wearing red high top boots. Her Majesty runs the world! She is a born leader! Everyone can always count on her to make decisions and get things done! You should see her in a crown!

Chill Out Club

Snow Bunny Colorin Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Snow Bunny Coloring Page

Snow Bunny has an ear for pink & a heart of gold! She enjoys snuggling around the fire with a cup of hot cocoa that is just a sweet as she is. Snow Bunny warms up the chilliest day, because there is Snow-bunny like her! Snow Bunny has pink hair in a pony tail, she is wearing bunny ears, she is also wearing a comfy pink puffy coat and white tights with polka dots on them along with comfy pink boots. Her celebrity lookalike is Adriana Grande.

Storybook Club

Bhaddie Coloring Page

Lol Surprise Bhaddie Boy Coloring Pages

Bhaddie is a pale-complected LOL with olive-green eyes and rooted black hair streaked with lime green. She has lime green eye shadow, black lipstick, and a small beauty mark above her lip. Her outfit consists of a black t-shirt with gold lettering reading ‘BAD’, a black choker with golden studs, cropped black shorts with green accents and golden studs, lime-green combat boots, golden hoop earrings and printed black and white striped tights with various rips and tears in them.

Athletic Club

Sk8er Grrrl Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Sk8er Grrrl Coloring Page

Let’s watch her flip, watch her skate, skate! Sk8er Grrrl has two small bun like pigtails tied up with two yellow elastics, she has a red hat on, her eyes are green and she also has freckles, she is wearing a yellow and green shirt that shows of her belly, she is also wearing blue shorts, she has a band aid on her left leg and she is wearing white socks that have blue stripes, and her shoes are Vans.

Retro Club

Miss Jive Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Miss Jive Coloring Page

Miss Jive is a popular big sister and is from the Retro Club. There is no place Miss Jive would rather be than on the dance floor! From Pop to Rock, Miss Jive has the moves to get everyone groovin’! Nothing gets her jiving like friends and fun! Miss Jive has black hair teased into volumized curls. She has dark blue eyes, along with sky blue eye shadow.

Pop Club

Daring Diva Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Daring Diva Coloring Pages

Daring Diva is a fancy doll from the Pop Club. She is a famous rock singer! You can see she has light and dark purple hair. She wears a swimsuit with a cat face on it. She has a golden chain necklace. She has 2 light purple bracelets and magenta shoes with black soles.

Oops Baby Coloring Page

Free Printable LOL Surprise Oops Baby Coloring Pages

Oops baby is a popular big sister from the Pop Club. She has a lil sister and pets named Oops Ham and Oh Bandit, Bandit. Oops Baby has blonde hair in two adorable pigtails. She also has  chocolate brown eyes. She is wearing a grey sweater, with a shirt that shows of her belly, a a blue grey skirt, grey knee high socks with white stripes, and pink high heels that both have a pink cottonballs on the tip at the end.

Art Club

Splatters Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Splatters Coloring Page

Splatters is a popular big sister from the Art Club. Splatters has pink and teal hair with a blue bow with yellow paint dripping down it. She has brown eyes with paint all over the sides of them. She has a blue, pink and  yellow dress with pink high top converse boots with paint splatters at the tips at the end of them.

Spooky Club

Witchay Babay Coloring Page

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Witchhay Babay Coloring Page

Witchay Babay is a popular doll from the Spooky Club. Witchay Babay has white hair that is shoulder length, and a little bit of her hair on the left side is tied up with some more of her hair, she also has lavender purple eyes, with two face decals, one being a star and the other being a cresent moon, she wears a black sunhat, a see through shirt, a see through skirt that has stars and moons on it, and she is also wearing black and orange striped tights with black boots, along with black fingerless gloves.

(Online coloring is not recommended for detailed images and fine lines.)

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