Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty Coloring PagesHello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

34 Brand New Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty was born on November 1st 1974. She lives in suburban London, England with her parents, George and Mary White. Georgie is funny and reliable, though absent-minded, and Mary is a talented cook and housewife. Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy. Anthony is a good story-teller, and Margaret enjoys sewing.

Hello Kitty owns a cat named Charmmy Kitty. She is an obedient, white Persian cat who likes shiny things. Hello Kitty has another pet: a hamster named Sugar who was given to Hello Kitty by her sensitive, childhood friend Dear Daniel, or Daniel Starr. He too was born in London, but on May 3rd. He is a cat who is fashionable and interested in photography. He dreams of being famous and is good at dancing and playing the piano.

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Hello Kitty’s hobbies include traveling, music, reading, making new friends, and eating cookies that Mimmy bakes. She also enjoys baking herself, and she loves her mother’s apple pies. Furthermore, Hello Kitty likes tea parties and exploring.

Hello Kitty is very eeueenergetic, bright, and friendly. She is also curious, in contrast to Mimmy who is shy. Mimmy is Hello Kitty’s twin sister and also her best friend. Hello Kitty’s other friends include Cathy, a generous and considerate sister rabbit; Tippy, a kind-hearted bear; Joey, a cute, athletic and popular mouse; Joey’s girlfriend, a mouse who is just as active as Joey; Jodie, to intelligent and studious run bear; Fifi, a confident sister sheep; Tracy, a mischievous raccoon; Tiny Chum, a friendly bear; Rory, a resourceful squirrel; Mory, a shy mole; and Tim and Tommy, two fun-loving monkeys.