Cry Babies Coloring Pages

cry babies coloring pagescry babies coloring pages

Cry Babies Coloring Pages

The Cry Babies’ world needs more colour! Help your favourite dolls colour their amazing world!

Discover your favourite Classic Cry Babies characters, now with accessories! Their new size makes them lighter for you to carry. Coney, Lady and Lala are all dressed in their traditional pyjamas and come with 3 personalised accessories for you to play with. Fill their water tank with water, and just like all Cry Babies, they cry real tears when you press their head!

Meet the Cry Babies Ella, she is a baby wearing beautiful strawberry pyjamas and lives in Tutti Frutti world! She is very cute but… she cries real tears when you take her dummy out! Put her dummy back in again or she won’t stop crying and she’ll cry even louder! You can also lay her down to calm her. Besides, her pajamas smell like strawberry!

Poor little Cry Baby Olaf! Give her the dummy and a cuddle to stop her from crying. She cries real water and makes realistic baby noises when you take away her dummy! For more fun her arms and legs are movable. She also comes with her own changeable onesie!

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