3D Alphabet Letter Q Coloring Page

3d alphabet letter q coloring page3d alphabet letter q coloring page


3D Alphabet Letter Q Coloring Page

  • “Q” is the seventeenth letter of the English alphabet and is a consonant.
  • The letter “Q” is derived from the Phoenician letter “qoph” and the Greek letter “kappa”.
  • In English, “Q” is pronounced as “cue”.
  • The uppercase form of the letter “Q” is written as “Q” and the lowercase form is written as “q”.
  • The letter “Q” is not used very frequently in the English language and is one of the least common letters.
  • “Q” is used as an abbreviation for words such as “question” and “quantity”.
  • In the world of competitive Scrabble, “Q” is one of the highest-scoring letters, as it is worth 10 points.
  • In mathematics, “Q” is used to represent the set of rational numbers.
  • In physics, “Q” is used to represent electric charge.
  • “Q” is also the symbol for “quartz”, a mineral commonly used in electronics and timekeeping.
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