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Mar 22, 2023

3D Alphabet Letter P Coloring Page

3d alphabet letter p coloring page


3D Alphabet Letter P Coloring Page

“P” is the sixteenth letter of the English alphabet and is a consonant. The letter “P” is derived from the Greek letter “pi” (Π, π). In English, “P” is pronounced as “pee”. The uppercase form of the letter “P” is written as “P” and the lowercase form is written as “p”. The letter “P” is often used as an abbreviation for words such as “page”, “paragraph”, and “part”. In music, “P” stands for “piano”, which means to play softly. In physics, “P” represents momentum, which is a measure of an object’s motion.

The letter “P” is also used to represent the 16th element in the periodic table, which is phosphorus. In computer science, “P” is used to represent “programming”. In mathematics, “P” is often used to represent “probability” and “permutation”.

sample 3d letters

3d letters Sample for COLORINGOO.COM

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