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Mar 16, 2023

3D Alphabet Letter O Coloring Page


3D Alphabet Letter O Coloring Page

“O” is the 15th letter of the modern English alphabet, and is also the 4th vowel. The letter “O” comes from the Phoenician letter “ayin,” which meant “eye.” “O” is pronounced as a short “ah” sound (as in “hot”) or a long “oh” sound (as in “hope”). In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the symbol for the short “ah” sound is /ɑ/, while the symbol for the long “oh” sound is /oʊ/. The lowercase letter “o” is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language, appearing as the second most frequently used letter in English words, after the letter “e.”

The letter “O” is often used as a symbol, such as in the “O” in “OK” or the “O” in the logo for the Olympics. In mathematics, “O” is often used to represent an order of magnitude, such as in “O(n)” to indicate that a function or algorithm has a complexity proportional to n. The letter “O” is also used in music notation to indicate a whole note, which is a note that lasts for four beats.

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