Disney Luca Coloring Pages

disney luca coloring pages

Luca Coloring Pages for Kids – Free to Print and Color

Luca Coloring Pages can be a great way to engage children in a fun and creative activity, as well as providing a relaxing and meditative activity for adults. Coloring is a great way to develop fine motor skills, enhance creativity and imagination, and reduce stress and anxiety. If you or your children are fans of the movie Luca, you may enjoy coloring pages inspired by the characters and scenes from the movie.

Luca Coloring Pages are a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends, and to express your creativity and imagination through color and art.

Luca’s best friend is Alberto. Alberto is a sea monster just like Luca and the two become fast friends after meeting each other. Together, they embark on an adventure on the Italian Riviera, where they learn about human culture, make new friends, and compete in a race to win a Vespa scooter. Throughout the movie, Luca and Alberto’s friendship is tested, but they ultimately support each other and help each other overcome challenges.

Giulia is a friendly and determined character, with a strong will and a love for adventure. She encourages Luca to be brave and follow his dreams, even when he faces obstacles and challenges. Throughout the movie, Giulia helps Luca and Alberto navigate the human world and introduces them to new experiences, such as trying different foods and learning about Italian culture.

Free Printable Luca Coloring Pages

Disney Luca Official Trailer

Disney Luca Official Trailer

Luca is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Enrico Casarosa. The movie tells the story of two young sea monsters, Luca and Alberto, who venture onto land and experience life as humans on the Italian Riviera. The film explores themes of friendship, identity, and the challenges of growing up, as Luca and Alberto navigate new relationships and try to keep their true identities hidden.

Overall, the film has received positive reviews for its animation, storytelling, and themes. Many viewers have praised the movie for its heartwarming and inspiring message, and its depiction of Italian culture and landscapes. Some critics have also noted that the movie may have particular resonance for young viewers who are struggling to find their place in the world and figure out who they are.

If you haven’t watched Luca yet, I would recommend giving it a try, especially if you enjoy animated films that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Disney Luca Characters

Luca Paguro

luca pic

Luca Paguro is a bright and inventive 13-year-old sea monster with endless curiosity—especially when it comes to the mysterious world above the sea. Although he’s been warned his whole life that the human world is a dangerous place, he longs for something beyond his quiet farm life where he herds goatfish day after day. So when another sea monster with actual experience above the surface takes Luca under his fin, his eyes open up to a whole world of possibilities.

Alberto Scorfano

alberto pic

Alberto Scorfano is an independent, free-spirited teenage sea monster with unbridled enthusiasm for the human world. Expressive and gregarious, he is all about having fun, so inviting a fellow sea monster to hang out above the surface is a no-brainer for Alberto. Besides, Luca is the perfect audience for Alberto’s vast—albeit questionable—knowledge of all things human.

Giulia Marcovaldo

giulia pic

Giulia Marcovaldo is an outgoing and charming adventurer with a love of books and learning. She only spends summers in Portorosso, so she hasn’t cultivated many friendships, which makes her an easy target of the town bully. But when two new kids show up who clearly need an ally, Giulia is more than happy to oblige—especially when they agree to team up with her in a local race she desperately wants to win.

Ercole Visconti

ercole pic

Ercole Visconti is the bully of the small Italian town of Portorosso and repeat champion of the town’s Portorosso Cup race. He’s a Vespa-owning, pompadoured blowhard who believes that everyone loves him and enjoys watching him eat sandwiches. He has two worshipful followers, Ciccio and Guido, who accompany him everywhere, ready to do his bidding. 

Massimo Marcovaldo

massimo pic

Giulia’s dad, is an imposing, tattooed, one-armed fisherman of few words. Luca and Alberto can’t help but be intimidated by his formidable size and skill with a knife, but Massimo has a soft heart, especially for his daughter.

Daniela Paguro

daniela pic

Daniela Paguro is Luca’s loving mother, who’s determined to keep her son safe. She regularly warns Luca of the dangers beyond the sea and the land monsters who live there. Daniela is no pushover: If she thinks Luca is breaking her number-one rule—don’t go near the surface—she’ll go to great lengths to stop him. 

Lorenzo Paguro

lorenzo pic

Lorenzo Paguro is Luca’s well-meaning and loving dad. Though he has a tendency to be distracted, when he’s tipped off to his son’s dangerous adventure, he, alongside his wife, Daniela, will go to great lengths to protect him.

Grandma Paguro

grandma pic

Grandma Paguro and Luca have an understanding. She sees the spark in her grandson’s eye, his longing for more, and celebrates it—albeit secretly. Grandma knows that breaking a rule or two is part of growing up, and she’s a little too happy to look the other way if Luca’s rebellious side should emerge.What his parents don’t know probably won’t kill them.


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